Dec, 1972 Establishment of scouting.Participation in Silver Jubilee Rover moot, Islamabad.
1974 Participation in 2nd OIC conference, Lahore
1975 Participation in mountaineering camp at Naltar Pass, Organized by UGC.
1976 Participation in Railway Rover moot, Multan.Second position in Hike (from Muree to Islamabad) organized by UGC.
1977 First position in 1st Intervarsity championship, Faisalabad.
1978 First position in 2nd Intervarsity championship held at Gomal University, D.I. Khan.
1979 Participation in 1st National training camp held at Jangle Mangle.
1980 Participation in 1st Jashn-e-Hijrat-e-Muhammdy Camporee.
1981 Winner and Hat trick in 3rd Intervarsity held in Azaad Kashmir University.Participation in Rock climbing & Hiking Training camp, swat.
1982 Runner up in 4th Intervarsity held in UET.Participation in 1st rock climbing course at Naltar organized by UGC and Alpine club of Pakistan.
1983 Won the 5th Intervarsity, Faisalabad.Participation in 2nd rock climbing course, Naltar.
1984 Participated in 1st national trekking course, Kaghan valley.Participated in 3rd rock climbing course, Naltar.Participated in 1st Balochistan rover moot, Queta.
1985 Participated in 10th National scouts jamboree, Lahore.Participated in 2nd national trekking course, Kaghan valley.
1986 Participated in summer training camp, Ghora Gali, Muree.Participated in national trekking course, Kaghan valley.Participated in 6th All Pakistan rover moot, Islamabad.
1987 Runner up in UGC challenge hike from Muree to Islamabad.
1988 Arrangement of trekking and rover scout trekking camp in Northern areas, Kashmir valley, Naraan, Kaghan, Shugran and participation in all Pakistan rover moot.Arrangement of civil defense course.Arrangement of well fare camp for flood affected people and services in Madina-tul-Hujaj, Islamabad.
1989 Participation in 5th rover moot of Bangladesh while representing Pakistan participation in trekking course by the cooperation of UGC and adventure foundation.Participation in Muree to Islamabad Intervarsity hike, Jungle Mungle to Balakot challenge hike held UGC and 1st position on National level.Arrangement of Hiking trekking course in Kafristan.Services in Madina-tul-Hujaj, Islamabad.
1990 1st position on national level in Ghari Dupatta to Muzafarabad intervarsity hike held by UGC and formed the new record.Participation in Qrardad-e-Pakistan golden jubilee ceremonies boy scout rally Walton Lahore.Four rovers passed basic unit leader course.Five rovers served in Madina-tul-Hujaj, Islamabad and one was chosen for Hajj.Four rovers passed advanced unit leader course.Twelve rovers participated in all Punjab rover moot and won 1st positions in five competition and 3rd position three competitions.
1991 2nd position in intervarsity hike, snow hiking program in Northern areas.Civil Defence Course.Annual function.Rover Abdur Rehmaan was selected to perform Hajj.Participation in All Punjab Rover Moot in which 22 rovers participated and get 1st, 2nd, and 3rd positions in all competitions.Hiking and Tracking course for Skardu.Swimming course for rovers.

Nine rovers passed the Basic Unit Leader Course.

Financial Support of Flooded people in Bangladesh. Services in Hajji Camp in Lahore.

1992 Snow hiking and tracking course in Sarin valley.Participation of 66 rovers in all Punjab rover moot.Swimming course.Participation of 3 rovers in advance unit leader course.Basic unit leader course.18 rovers served in Hajji camp.Service camp for flooded people and distribution of money among the people.
1993 16 rovers participated in PRS course. 13 served in Hajji camp and 2 rovers performed their Hajj.Water man ship course.14 rovers participated in basic unit leader course.Annual function and grand camp fire at night.Participation of rovers in intervarsity hike and get positions.Cycling competition to Gatt wala and a great number of rovers participated in this event.Interpatrol  competitions.

13 successful rovers participated in PRS ceremony held in Karachi at Quaid day.

1994 Summer hiking and tracking course in Neelam valley.Participation in 12th National and 7th Saarc jamboree Queta.Water man ship course.Snow fall tour.Rover moot.Convocation.Intervarsity hiking championship.

Basic unit leader course.

1995 Basic unit leader course.Summer hiking and tracking course in swat valley.Participation in 7th national rover moot.
1996 Snow fall tour.Summer hiking and tracking course, Kaghan.Summer hiking and tracking course, Skardu.Basic unit leader course (1).Basic unit leader course (2).Maqabla Husnay Qiraat.
1997 Snow fall tour.Annual function.Civil defense course.Flower exhibition.Basic unit leader course (1).Summer hiking and tracking course, Kuhistan, Kafrastan, swat.Summer hiking and tracking course, Dusai, Skardu, Astoor.

Basic unit leader course (2).

1998 Snow fall tour.Basic unit leader course.Summer hiking and tracking course, Makra Choti, Naraan, Saiful Maluk.Summer hiking and tracking course, Gilgat, Shandur, Chitral.Maqabla Husnay Qiraat and seerat-un-Nabi (PBUH).Karachi tour.Annual function and camp fire.

Advance unit leader course.

9th national summer hiking and tracking course.

1999 Snow fall tour.China tour in June.Summer hiking and tracking course shanku pass, banda, basham.Civil defense course.Advance unit leader course.2nd national snow hike.Annual function.

Basic unit leader course.

2000 Annual function.Snow fall tour.Summer hiking and tracking course, kach ghali, Saiful Maluk.Summer hiking and tracking course, K2 base camp.First aid course.One night camping changa mangha.Blood group testing camp.

Cycle rally.

Basic unit leader course.

Advance unit leader course.

Intervarsity hiking championship and second position.

2001 Participation of 6 rovers in first national desert hike.Annual function and camp fire.Snow hike.One night camping Jallo park Lahore.Participation of 3 rovers in 11th national summer hiking and tracking course.Summer hiking and tracking course, Niltar Pass, Nagha Parbat, Hunza.Summer hiking and tracking course, Nagha Parbat, Base camp, Ropal side.

Foot ball tournament, winner Sir Syed Hall.

Basic hiking tracking and mountaineering course with the help of Alpine club of Pakistan.

Participation of 27 rovers in basic unit leader course.

Participation of 4 rovers in advance unit leader course.

2002 National snow hike.Snow fall tour.Annual function and camp fire.Civil defense course.Foot ball tournament, winner Fateh Hall.Rock climbing course in Chanute.Summer hiking and tracking course, Shamshal Pass.

Participation in 1st intervarsity rovering championship and first position.

2nd position in intervarsity tracking championship.

2nd position in intervarsity hiking championship.

Summer hiking and tracking, kachi khani pass.

Participation of 3 rovers in national hiking and tracking course.

Basic unit leader course.

Advance unit leader course.

Karachi tour.

2003 Annual function and camp fire.All Punjab desert hike.Snow fall tour.Participation in national snow hike with a position of Best hiker.Participation in 2nd intervarsity rovering championship and 1st position.Participation in intervarsity hiking championship in Islamabad.First aid course.

Blood group testing camp.

Participation of 4 rovers in PRS.

Summer hiking and tracking, Darkot pass, Hunza, Gilgat, Karmbar lake.

Participation of 3 rovers in national summer hiking tracking course with a position of Best hiker.

Participation of 13 rover in scout unit leader course in the supervision of MUNIR AHMAD KHAN, Quarter Master.

2004 January: Grand Camp Fire, Annual Function & Prize Distribution Ceremony and Annual Snow fall hikking & trekking course 2004 (Shugran, Kiwaii, Murree).February: Participation of four rovers in the Naional Snow Hike 2004, 1st position in Intervasity Rovering Championship, 1st position in Intervasity Trekking Championship, and two rovers served in Haji Camp.May: (18-22 May) Participation of 17 rovers in Scout Unit Leader Course, Rally for the Anti-Narcotics day celebration on 31-05-2004.June, July: Annual Summer Hikking & Trekking Course (Naran, Saral pass, Dudiputt lake) from 26th June to 4th of July. (17-24 July) 14th National Summer Hike for Rovers 2004, Best Hiker => Mr. Muhammad Kashif Iqbal Khan and two rovers qualified for the PRS award (Fahd Ihsan & Zulqrnain Haider).August: Foot Ball Tournament between units (Tariq Bin Ziad, RSU win the Trophy).September: Participation of one rover (Kashif Dogar) in Advance Unit Leader Course 2004.
2005 Training camp started for Intervarsity Rovering, Trekking, and Mountaineering championships.One night camping course, 2005 at Changa Manga.Scout Leaders course, 2005 at Scouts Nasheman, Ghora Gali, Murree.Scouts at Civil Defence demonstration.Annual Function and Grand Campfire 2005.Annual Snowfall Hiking & Trekking Course (the tour of surprises) from 7-12th of Jan in the leadership of Mr. Muhammad Sarfraz (DGSL). Participants of the tour are M. Sarfraz, Wasim Ahmad, Moazzam Ali, Afzaal Ashrif, Akmal Nazir, Nadeem Akram, Khawar Hussain, Ghazanfar Abbas, M. Ibrahim, Uzman Bashir, Bilal Hussain, M. Wasim, Rab Nawaz, and Wasim Ahmad.
2006 National Desert Hike: (24-29 January, 2006) 6 Rovers Participated.Basic Unit  Leader Course(22-29 May, 2006) 12 Rovers ParticipatedAdvance Unit Leader Course(12-22 September, 2006) 3 Rovers Participated

President Rover Scout Award:  4 Rovers Passed

President Gold Medal : Umar Ijaz Ahmad participated in camp

Annual Function and Grand Campfire 2006


2007 Advance unit Leader Course(3-10 Feb, 2007)  4 Rovers participated3rd National Desert Hike (5-11 Feb, 2007) 6 Rovers ParticipatedNational &  Centenary Snow Fall Hike (18-22 Feb, 2007)  6 Rovers Participated

SAF Friendship camp (2-11 June, 2007) Muhammad Ishaq Asif Rehmani  &

Yasir Mehmood Participated

Basic Unit Leader Course(15-23 May, 2007) 29 Rovers participated

Annual Summer Hiking &  Trekking Course (20-28 July, 2007)  15 Rovers

Completed the Trek (Dodi Pat Sar Lake- Nori nar Peak)

1st All Punjab Boy Scouts Camporee 2007 Held on Scouts Nasheman Ghora

Galli Murree 5 Rovers participated

Summer Training Camp (9-11 August, 2007) Scouts Nasheman Ghora galli

Muree.2 rovers Participated

Advance Unit Leader Course (25oct- 1st Nov, 2007)

President Rover Scout Award 2007, 7 Rovers Successfully Passed

Annual Function & grand campfire 2007


2008 Won Inter-varsity Revering Championship 2008All Punjab campfire Competition held on Walton, LahoreAll Pakistan Debate competition Held on National Headquarter, Islamabad

Basic Unit Leader Course(16-22 May, 2008) 23 Rovers participated

Annual Summer Hiking & Trekking Course (13-21 July, 2008)  Trek was

NALTAR PASS, 12 Rovers participated.

16th National Summer Hike At Jungle Mangal Mansehra(16-26 July ,2007)

Advance Unit Leader Course (14-21 Oct, 2008) 6 Rovers participated

One Night camping Course Changa Manga forest Park, Lahore

President Rover Scout Award, 4 Rovers Successfully passed

Haji Camp Service, 3 Rovers Performed Services at Faisalabad Haji Camp

Relief Work in Earth Quake Affected areas of  Ziarat (14-22 Dec, 2008)

10 Rovers  (Wakeel Afzal, Muhammad Zahid, Khuram Mehmood, M.Adnan badar, Saif ullah, M. Sohail Arshad,Umair Ahsan, Naveed-ur-rehman, M.Shahid Iqbal, Nazar Hussian) Performed Services.

Annual Function & Grand campfire 2008

PGRS selection Camp September, 2008 held on Walton, Lahore.

Umer Ijaz Ahmad Won The Gold Medal


2009 National Snow Fall Hike (18-22 Feb, 2009) 16 Rovers participated.Umer Ijaz Ahmad Participated in Best of the Best Competition And WasAnnounced as Best Scout of Pakistan of year 2008

Free Blood Grouping & Hepatitis B & C Screening Camp

Basic Unit Leader Course(9-15 may, 2009) 26 Rovers Participated

21st National Speech Contest (Mr. Adnan Badar Participated)

Annual Hiking & trekking Course (10-16 July, 2009) Trek Was Kach Galli pass,

10 Rovers participated

National Summer Hike (5-14 August, 2009) Mr. Adnan Badar participated &

was best hiker of hike

Punjab Rover Moot (16-22 August, 2009)

Advance Unit Leader Course (28 Sep-5 Oct, 2009) 2 Rovers Participated

Haji Camp Service 2009, 3 rovers performed Services In Faisalabad Haji camp

One Night camping Course 2009, Harrapa (Sahiwal)

President Rover Scout Award 2009, 6 Rovers Successfully Passed

Three Days of National Scouts Week celebrations 2009

First Aid Training Course in collaboration with Red Crescent Pakistan


2010 Won the inter-varsity Revering Championship 2010Haji Camp Services, 2 Rovers performed services in Faisalabad Haji Camp3rd All Punjab Desert Hike(25-31 Jan,2010)  Qilla Dirawar to Kher Sar, 9 Rovers participated

National Snow Fall Hike (20-25 FEB,2011) 7 Rovers participated

National Speech Contest 2010

Annual Function & Grand Campfire 2010

Rock Climbing Course March, 2010. 19 Rovers participated

Stood First in inter-varsity Mountaineering Championship April, 2010.

Scouts Unit Leader Course(17-23 April,2011) 13 Rovers Participated

Inter-unit Football Tournament 2010. Sir Syed harvester Was The Champion.

Annual Summer Hiking & Trekking Course(6-14 July, 2010) 11 Rovers


Flood Relief Activities in Flood Affected Areas of Southern Punjab. 25 Rovers

Performed services

Advance Unit Leader Course (21-28 Sep, 2010) 5 Rovers participated.

Free Blood Grouping & Hepatitis B & C Screening camp October, 2010

Haji camp Service 2010. 2 Rovers performed Services in Faisalabad Haji camp

Mr. Mazhar Iqbal Performed Services as a Khudam-ul-hajaj in Saudi Arabia

Basic Life Support & First Aid/Rescue Training course  in collaboration with

Rescue 1122

PGRS selection Camp 2010. Mr. Aftab Nazeer participated and won the Gold

Medal At Punjab level

President Rover Scout Award 2010. 6 Rovers Participated and successfully



2011 January: winter Scouting celebration. Bangladesh national commissioner was chiefGuest of this event, Provincial secretary Mr. Tariq Qureshi Mr. Adil Farooq wereWith her. 60 rovers participated in this event.


February: Annual Function & Grand campfire